New Chapter for Connected LA Audio

Hampshire, UK; 16 March 2017 LA Audio was founded in England in 1978 and is world-renowned for marketing a range of superbly designed and manufactured products for the Live sound and Installation market.

It is a testament to the product vision of the founders that the launch product of the LA Audio brand, the DI2 Active DI box is still in production today, with over 100,000 units sold.

In 1993, LA Audio started to ship a range of signal processors manufactured in the UK and even today the DLX series of Loudspeaker processors are made in the UK.

As the LA Audio brand has continued to grow around the world, LA Audio Asia Ltd was established in January 2016. Simon Blackwood, owner of Audient Ltd | LA Audio, commented on the formation: “It became very clear that we needed to be working more closely and in the same time zone as our Asian distribution partners to support our rapidly expanding Asian market. Establishment of LA Audio Asia Ltd is the first step in this strategy.

“We are always thinking as to how to move our business closer to our customers and their expectations,” he continues. “In 2014, we started to develop a complete range of products for the fixed installation market. The Caro Series of loudspeakers was developed together with the IA series of amplifiers, and the resulting success led to a rapid expansion of the product line. We feel that is very important to provide clients with a complete solution for the whole system. So in 2015, our team started to develop a range of products which can form connected, integrated solutions and these are just coming to market now.”

Blackwood concludes, “LA Audio does not just provide products, we provide system solutions for all our clients. We pride ourselves in listening carefully to our clients’ needs.”

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