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LA Audio is launching its new generation of column speakers!

LA Audio is launching its new generation of column speakers! They feature Dante connectivity, custom built-in DSP and high quality amplifiers. They are the perfect choice for applications that require clear intelligibility and uniform coverage, and they have a discrete, elegant appearance. The first two models include the VBC8d column speaker and VLF121d bandpass subwoofer.

VBC8d speaker modules are 0.97m high and contain eight three-inch low-distortion neodymium full-frequency drivers which are grouped into four independent groups with upper and lower drivers in each group.  Each group is managed by a separate DSP channel and driven by a Class D amplifier.  The vertical coverage angle can be quickly expanded to 10°, 20°, 30° or 40° by pressing just one button, quickly adapting to the exact sound reinforcement needs of any venue.

VLF121d active bandpass subwoofer uses a dual-chamber bandpass physical design structure: two chambers filter frequencies above 100Hz and below 40Hz respectively, which improve the acoustic efficiency in the range of 40Hz-100Hz. This acoustical structural design between the speaker drivers and the cabinet creates a natural acoustic bandpass filter within the physical structure itself.  This compensates for the low-frequency limit of the 12-inch driver, together with the an efficient low-distortion Class D digital power amplifier VLF121d can have the power and efficiency making it sound like a much larger subwoofer with full and controlled bass.

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