The historic Professional Audio brand LA Audio is proud to announce new ownership and management under audio veteran Simon Blackwood.  Blackwood’s experience in the audio industry includes founding the Soundcraft Spirit business, the resurgence of Focusrite/Novation and most recently the turnaround at Turbosound before its sale to the Music Group.

Blackwood is joined by Simon Hart as Business Development Manager.

Under the new leadership, LA Audio has an updated product range in the pipeline for the live sound and installation arena. Full details of these exciting and competitive products to follow soon.

Since 1978 LA Audio has offered a range of superbly designed and built products for the live sound and installation market and are well known in terms of audio performance, features and price.

Our History

LA Audio was founded in 1978 as part of the SCV international group of companies with a recording studio, field service and installation business. It wasn't long before SCV started to distribute products and to develop a range of products to fill gaps that existed in these markets. The first product off the production line was the DI2 Active DI box in 1978 - still in production today with around 40,000 units sold, followed in 1978 by the NGS noise gate and a range of Graphic Equalisers.  In 1993 the company started to manufacture LA Audio studio processors in the UK.

In 1997 the SCV Electronics product lines were merged under the LA Audio brand.

LA Audio logo in the 1990's

In 2003 LA Audio and Audient plc formed a strategic alliance. The operations of the two companies were merged in a new joint venture under the Audient plc umbrella. Audient also relocated to new headquarters at Herriard Park in Hampshire, UK, to provide room for the newly enlarged enterprise and for planned future growth.

Audient and LA Audio merger in 2003

As one brand LA Audio now represented the widest range of signal processors in the business; with more than forty products distributed in 37 countries covering recording studio, post production, broadcast, concert sound and fixed installation applications. With the then latest development of the new DSP based programmable EQ and Dynamics processor, the DigEQ, LA Audio fast established itself as one of the worlds leading brands.

LA Audio. British Originals.

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New Chapter for Connected LA Audio

The Audient Group Announces the Establishment of LA Audio Asia Ltd

Catering for the requirements of the LA Audio Asian market.

New products for China!

New range of products exclusively for China through our distributor, MUSE Audio Professional.

LA Audio is proud to announce new ownership.

The historic Professional Audio brand LA Audio is proud to announce new ownership and management under audio veteran Simon Blackwood.

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